Friday, September 17, 2010

Dreams of real life from TV.

It's season/series premier time. I relish September for this reason, and for the changing of the leaves but that's a different story. My life has been so mundane without my shows. Okay, maybe not mundane, it's just been missing something. Right now, I'm thinking, “wow, you're shallow. You're life is missing something because of television?” I know, right? Anyway, I'll be watching some new shows, and mostly shows I already absolutely love. Today's ultimate question: Will I have time for my new found social life? I do have Hulu and a DVR, I think I'll make it. What shows, you ask? Follow me...

There are plenty of new shows but here are some of them I'm thinking about: The William Shatner sit-com, $#*! My Dad Says. Why you ask? DUH! It's William Shatner. Also, Outsourced, looks kind of funny and it's totally art imitating life. I've already checked out the new show Outlaw, and I like it. I'm a Jimmy Smits fan, and he was great in West Wing. I'm hoping for a bit of President Santos to come out in this character.  But, I'll only be watching three new shows because I have so many 'old' shows to be watching.

Speaking of 'old' shows here are some for this season I can't get enough of: There's Glee, with my musical obsession, this just hits the spot each week, and I'm always checking out the extras on Hulu.  Then there's The Good Guys. Bradley Whitford with a porn stache, so comical. I'm sensing a West Wing theme here.  I'm also bringing back the Chuck. A nerdy spy and the hilariously serious Adam Baldwin, need I say more?

All in all, I have my fantasy life (lifes?) back to make up for what I don't have in my real life. Yay for the imagination of others.