Monday, November 22, 2010

Sci-fi gizmo request.

Dear Inventors/developers: 

The first definition of cleaning listed at is:

clean·ing  [klee-ning] 


an act or instance of making clean: Give the house a good cleaning.

I hate cleaning. Well, that is I hate cleaning my own house. It is the worst task anyone can ever give me. I will wait until the house gets so bad I'm embarrassed to let anyone in. Luckily, I have my sister living with me. She helps me to the nth degree.  Not only does she do most of the work, but encourages me in just the right way to get me to keep the house in working order.

You probably wondering why I'm writing you. Well...I think we need to get those gadgets and gizmos they have on science fiction shows, invented. I know they already have the roomba, but it's too expensive for my taste. Besides, my sister LOVES vacuuming. OOh, I do too, but only when it's a Dyson. My friends have one that they let me use when I'm over.

Picture courtesy of

Some ideas to mull-over:
  • Self-mopping floor.
  • A mechanical laundry folder (I can do the sorting on my own...for now)
  • (speaking of sorting) a dish-put-awayer. (trademark on name pending)

That's all I have for now.  Wait one more thing; not only do they need to be invented, but made inexpensive. There, that's my idea. Please inventors and developers get on it! 

Your favorite geek; Psyfygirl.  (please if you don't realize this is a joke, then you need some serious help)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


My bother started talking to me one day about knitting. My brother...He's so funny, he starts doing anything creative, whether it be domestic or technical and he totally geeks out. I guess we're the same in that geek-out way.  

Anyway, he tells me about his sekrit projects, but he can't keep it a sekrit...he's making us all scarves for Christmas; hence the geek-out. So, because he's just had a baby, and we're all pretty poor, he comes up with the idea for us to; either get really cheap presents for the family, or do a homemade thingamajig.  I decided to make my new nephew (the first brand-new baby in the family since myself), a nice name plate-type thing. Now, we all use to share our fun projects and one-up each other (really just my sister and brother do the one-upping, I sit back and try to keep up).

I love the idea of this. I feel so much more productive and accomplished when doing these types of things. Plus, I get to use my sisters immense knowledge of all things crafts. Oh the joy of having a creative mother and witty father.

Speaking of crafts; my friend has also started a new crafty blog, which I'm excited to follow. AND, we get to share crafty tasks together.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Inn show.

I did it! It wasn't by myself; it was with the entire cast and crew, but I did it and loved it! 

An Evening in Canterbury was the name of the show. The director took 4 of Geoffrey Chaucer's tales and edited them for time purposes. The 4 tales came from the Knight, the Wife of Bath, the Pardoner and the Miller.  The actors pantomimed the tales on stage while the storytellers orated the tales in the house.

My role was Innkeeper's Wife and I was to improv with the audience and the other cast members while they enjoyed their meal. It was so exhilarating and, like I told a friend, it was a giant ball of fun-stress. I can't wait for more...

Here are some promo stills of the show:
Love these girlies.

Me 'usband

Scene from Miller's Tale.

Almost the full cast. It was also the pic in City Weekly