Sunday, November 21, 2010


My bother started talking to me one day about knitting. My brother...He's so funny, he starts doing anything creative, whether it be domestic or technical and he totally geeks out. I guess we're the same in that geek-out way.  

Anyway, he tells me about his sekrit projects, but he can't keep it a sekrit...he's making us all scarves for Christmas; hence the geek-out. So, because he's just had a baby, and we're all pretty poor, he comes up with the idea for us to; either get really cheap presents for the family, or do a homemade thingamajig.  I decided to make my new nephew (the first brand-new baby in the family since myself), a nice name plate-type thing. Now, we all use to share our fun projects and one-up each other (really just my sister and brother do the one-upping, I sit back and try to keep up).

I love the idea of this. I feel so much more productive and accomplished when doing these types of things. Plus, I get to use my sisters immense knowledge of all things crafts. Oh the joy of having a creative mother and witty father.

Speaking of crafts; my friend has also started a new crafty blog, which I'm excited to follow. AND, we get to share crafty tasks together.


  1. Thanks for linking me!!! You are super awesome amazing!

  2. Brooke?! Do YOU knit?!
    Knitting is my most favorite thing ever.
    Besides beer.