Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sad post.

I'm pretty sure the world has been painted in a hue of pain. A little bit physical, but mostly emotional.

I had no idea it would hurt this bad. My Dad told us, when we were young, he wouldn't live past the age of 45. But he did, he lived to 61.

I'm pretty sure that he did stay alive long enough to hit Pi day (3.14) on purpose.  He was an intellectual geek, and thought it would be poetic to leave on that day.  Maybe, now, he can recite Pi to 100 digits, I know he was able to at least count to 31 in binary on one hand, I never actually saw him go up to 1023 on both hands, though.

I've heard people say, "just one more". That's actually what I wish for; Just one more hug, one more 'I love you' one more giggle.

Here's something he would giggle at:

I'm glad he gave me a sense of humor, and his thirst for knowledge.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am a fashion victim!

I have no fashion sense. NONE. I like my t-shirts and jeans, throw in some sneakers or flip-flops and I'm set.  This being said, there are some fashions that even I know are wrong.

Jeggings. Who in their right mind makes leggings out of denim? Ewwwww.

Then there is the ever-present Ugg boots. The "ick" factor is in the name. Some designer thought they were cute, EVERYONE else said they were ugly. So what does the designer do? Names them after what they are: Ugly.

I was with my friend, at the mall, the other day. We were doing some people watching, and I couldn't help but notice how many victims fell prey to this horrible trend.  They're moon boots, people. You know, those boots that you wore as a child, running around for hours in the snow. Moon boots---in leather.   This lead to my next thought: Moon-deer. The most popular color of said moon boots is tan. As such, we have the moon-deer. The next color is a darker, we'll call it the moon-moose. Finally, we have the fur accented boots, which calls for the moon-yeti (when I see these I hear Chewbacca complaining).

I have to ask what these horrible boot wearers did with all that moon-meat. I mean, they got the moon-animal skin from somewhere, right?  I have to hope that they gave the meat to the poor starving Lunarians. Alas, I suspect they just threw away the moon-meat and never thought about it again.

Please be advised, that if I see you wearing these things, I will point and laugh. I am a fashion victim, but I will not fall prey to these horrendous styles.