Saturday, January 15, 2011

No more double red blood cell donations!

Wow! Donating double red blood cells is not for me. It's been four days and I'm still tired. Maybe it's something else, but the information they give you after donating states the symptoms can last up to a full week. So, I guess I'll see next week if I'm doing better. Also, I can hear whooshing in my ear every time my heart beats.

I've checked some sites and it seems that the symptoms I'm feeling are equal to anemia. I'm not saying it's what I have, just sounds similar. I don't really like to diagnose myself, but like to be informed of things that might be going on with my body.

Luckily my next donation date is the first week of May. But it's not gonna be the double red blood cells, just the normal donation.


  1. Sounds like anemia to me also. That's what happens when you let people suck your blood into a small baggie. Get lots of iron. Rare red meat and dark leafy greens. As a frequent anemic, That is what I recommend.
    Thanks for being someone'e hero. Seriously.

  2. I agree. You did something great. Thanks for going with us. Sorry we are only 0+ and they only wanted one bag o'blood from us.

  3. Ya I've heard of that happening with the double reds. That's why they're more strict on women's weight, height, etc with the double reds. But, the good news is you don't have to do that again. :) With a whole blood donation for me I typically feel that way for around 24 hours and then feel fine after that. I think that's a reasonable time. Not a week... Hope you feel better soon! Also take an iron supplement with food. :)

  4. good blog :) more info on anemia if required