Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shining sun with hair?

Why do I only come out during the sunny months? Apparently, I'm a bear. I hibernate. Remember folks, you poke an angry bear you get to see it's mean side. I try to come out during the dreary months, but it's so much more cozy in my house with the florescents and computer screen illuminating my waking hours.

The sunny months are more tantalizing to actually be out in it all. Plus, I can actually see what I'm doing at four in then afternoon instead of having to search for a light. Daylight hours in winter can suck my lily-white toes.

Since that we've established I'm a spring-summer-autumn gal, we can discuss more important things, like shopping or hair dye. Let's go for the dye.

The other day I was in the grocery store and I overheard some chick say something about my hair, and how could I go out looking like that. Well, I'm sorry, but I used to dye my hair black and now I don't. It has to grow out. I look horrible with short hair and I'm not cutting it. I would have liked to give her a thing or two. Alas, I just thought about slapping her and walked out the door.

So, my hair is two shades. It actually is quite hilarious to look at and every time I look in the mirror I look like some sort of mutant skunk. I avoid cameras when my hair is down.

I like my more natural color. I will continue to dye my hair. I refuse to grow old gracefully.

There you have it. I will live to dye another day.

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