Monday, June 14, 2010

Yay for a family full of geeks.

I go through my day and need so many different things, such as something to sing and my geek-dom of whatever thing I'm squee'ing about that day. I've come to realize that I need these things because of the influences of others in my life, most notably my family.

When I was about 12 my brother's decided to join a Star Trek club. I thought they were so cool. So, I joined too. This started my love for most things sci-fi. Star Wars, Star Trek, MST3K, the list goes on and on. So, this has been with me nearly 20 years. Thanks Tim and Mark for making my life so geeky. Oh, and this leads to my brother Mark and his wife, Gemma, helping me to go to San Diego for a Smallville Con. Hello?!! There is no level 3, people!

Since before I can remember my Dad has had a computer of some type. He was always getting new things for it, too. Like a 300 baud modem, or whatever size it was, or a new computer screen that could be connected to the VCR. My Dad got me stuck on computers. I was on BBS's (bulletin board systems), which led to forums, which led to chat rooms, which led to the worldwide web, which led to here. Thanks Daddy for making me a computer geek.  Thanks also, for the Shakespeare Festival and getting the Bard in my blood.

Around 10 years old my Mother decided we would watch Hello Dolly! Not only did that get me ape-crazy over musicals, but also Babs. True story, I love Babs in all of her nasally glory! I also have a propensity to recite lines from old musicals when watching them, which bothers anyone I'm watching it with. As such, I have to watch them alone a lot of the time. Thanks Mama for helping me to become the most annoying car-singer there is.  Plus, you help me enjoy crafting, and loving creativity.

And now, because of my sister I'm addicted to B-movies, or C, or D-movies. Now, MST3K may have had something to do with it, but the movies my sister and I have watched, are...Oh so awesome! Have you seen Raptor??? Best Eric Roberts movie EVER!!! I really need those movies to help me get out of those not so pleasant moments. Thank you Brenda for being the bestest sister ever and helping me to love lame-as-ever movies.

So now, with all of my families influence, I have to be one of the most geeky people I know. w00t for geekiness.


  1. Come on have just joined a new family full of geeks!

  2. Yeah, and some of us can even out-geek you! =)

  3. Sometimes you can find some really great B movies in redbox. The gift or something like that was really good!

  4. Sometimes the B sci-fi movies can be more enjoyable; I've seen some that were so bad I laughed most of the way through them. The SyFy Channel has some that are so bad they border on awesome; a recent notable one was a horrendous version of ER Burrough's A Princess of Mars.