Monday, June 7, 2010

Loss and reflection.

Death is the most vile villain that has ever existed. It's necessary to help with the circle of life. Although, I wish I could be the super-hero and take away everyone's pain when a loved one passes. If I had that super-power it would be awesome, but then where would all of that pain go? Pain belongs in the dumpster, where people throw their waste and only remember it when it lingers. Then the pain is taken to the compost heap and used to grow into the most astonishing and exquisite flowers.

I miss everyone I've lost. My grandparents, my cousin Cindy, my friend's son, Andy, and now my Aunt Susan (and so many others). Losing someone let's us reflect on what we have and want to cherish forever. I love them and hope, beyond all hopes, they are in a better place.

It is now time for me to reflect on my sublime life and all it has to offer. I worship the people in my life and long for everyone to know how much I care for them.

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