Monday, May 31, 2010


I really decided to do this a little sloshed. How could I refuse? I do the dumbest things when I'm sloshed, go me!
Hopefully there won't be too many mistakes or spelling errors. If there are, then it will take me 15 minutes to write something that is three sentences long. LOL
Today my sis, a friend and I went to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.

It was AWESOME! I enjoy going birding and the light exercise wasn't bad. The only two things that were irritating were the sore bottom and the midges. Midges?, you ask. I thought that was a nickname for Margaret.

Nope, they're little flies that like to get stuck in my hair when on a bike going however fast they go. I probably inhaled several thousand unknowingly. OMG 151 tastes like a$$, not that I've ever tasted a$$. Anyway...My sister just said “pull yours out” HA!!!! Well, let's get back to the outing. I saw my two favorite things: Red-Faced Ibis and White Pelicans. If you want to know what those look like, go to Wiki, or the Audubon society. Non-flying was a marmot, skunk, two dead snakes, and carp.
It was 12 miles of absolute bliss for me. I wait every year for spring/summer so I can go up there. Last year they closed it down during the summer and I had no idea. This year I saw they would close it on the 1st of june so I went today. I was so happy, and I have my yearly birding expedition out of the way. There was the trip for the day. YAY.
And now for random crap. Speaking of random crap, I want to win a bag of crap from I wish I was fast enough, or knew someone at woot that could give me the in. Whoa, I think the room is spinning. Nope, just the 151. Yay for drunkenness. Good thing I have spell check on this thing. :-D

Ooh, 2 minutes left. I love my cast, especially my 15 year old cat Mosa (the siamese looking one). She's adorable.

People think I neglect her because of how much she asks for loves, but I don't. I could pet her for 5 hours straight and she'd still want more. Hmph.And I'm done!!!!,,

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