Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quirky quirks, and quarks?

From time to time I think about all the weird quirks I have and laugh at myself for them. Now, I've decided to share these quirks and expand on why they're so hilarious. I think I'll start with three things that I think are truly weird.

1. I can't stop apologizing. Even if something is not my fault, I apologize. People may think it's insincere, but it's not, I feel sorrow for the bad things that happen to people. Someone trips, I'm sorry, someone forgets their cell phone I'm sorry. The reason is because I've more than likely been there before. I've felt how it hurts to scrape a knee or forget my cell phone.

2. I am a true and total geek, not nerd, geek. I'm not smart enough to be a nerd, but totally obsessed enough to be a complete geek. Not only am I a geek about anything Sci-fi, but about Broadway musicals and dorky television shows, too. I love B movies, anime, and playing online RPG's. I get geeked out for all of these things and more, which makes me giggle at myself all the time.

3. Lastly, is the belt-it-out-loud singing. Well, when I'm alone or on a road trip, anyway. Oh, and I don't sing wonderfully at all. I do, however, sing loud enough that if I was in an auditorium, I wouldn't need a microphone. I almost forgot, I will Karaoke if I'm sloshed enough, and usually have someone to sing with me. When I'm sitting alone in my car and singing with all my might, I have to stop and laugh, because, DAMN, I suck, but it's too fun to quit.

Well, there you have it, three things I do that make me snicker, and I think are weird. Hopefully, you smiled a bit while reading this.

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